For Loan Officers, By Loan Officers

"Our level of success will never exceed our level of personal development, because success is something we attract by the people we become"

  • Find your focus
  • Reclaim your time
  • Increase your value

Meet the Founders

Scott Groves is a nationally recognized top 1% Loan Officer, soon to be bestselling author, and currently serves as Regional Manager for an $800 Billion Dollar Region

Mike Merriam is a top producing Loan Officer & bestselling author. Mike utilizes organizational science & Appreciative Inquiry to revolutionize coaching groups and mastermind meetings

The Four Guiding Principles of Consolidated Coaching

Unlocking Group Wisdom

There’s ALWAYS more knowledge, wisdom, intelligence in the crowd than there is in any one coach or mentor. We use a radical approach for tapping into this collective intelligence and make it accessible and practical for every member. 

Community Based Learning

When we immerse ourselves in a learning community, we become capable of a lot more – faster and more naturally than we are on our own. Knowledge is multiplied, fear is divided. 

Scientific Backing and Real-World Experience

Everything we teach is backed up by rigorous scientific study and practical experience. No theory, no fluff, just undeniable practices. 

Strengths-Based Approach

We are far more effective when we ask what already works on a world class level, and bring those principals into our work, than we are when we ask what’s wrong, broken, or missing. 

What's in it for YOU?

Standard Membership Includes:

  • Daily Lead Generation Call start your day with a quick 10 minute call to get ideas and inspiration for lead generation.

  • Bi-Monthly Coaching Webinars packed with information and tactics to make immediate impact in your business

  •  Special Guest Coaches that bring insight from different industries and disciplines that can be incorporated to give you an edge and differentiate yourself.

  •  Custom Accountability Program designed to give you just the right amount of accountability on the most vital activities that lead to accomplishing your goals.

  • Full Access to the KNOWLEDGE VAULT – an online, searchable archive with over 400 hours of coaching webinars, scripts, templates, workflows, and insights from Scott, Mike, and other powerful coaches and experts.

  • Our Satisfaction Guarantee – If you incorporate what you learn in this program we guarantee you'll double your production!

Consolidated Coaching Options

Events and Group Coaching

Monthly Coaching Membership- Our most basic offer


Consolidated Coaching Live Event- May 9 -11, 2019 in Phoenix


What You’ll Learn

Here's a sampling of some of our webinar content. We're constantly pulling relevant information, tools, tactics, and success habits from all corners of the world and Consolidating the best of the best for you at Consolidated Coaching!